Pet Friendly Campgrounds

The Perfect Pet Friendly Camping Campsite In Slade, KY

Dog Friendly Camping Campgrounds: Tips For Hiking & Camping With Dogs From The Experts

  1. Look up the regulations in the area of trails beforehand. Some may not allow dogs or have restrictions. For the ones that offer pet friendly camping, keep your dog close, or on a leash, because others camping may not want to be bothered with your dog, and leashing up can also protect your dog against any wildlife that may come after your furry friend, or prevent them from wrestling in the bushes that may have poisonous plants.
  2. Pack plenty of water. It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure your dog is staying hydrated. It’s super important. Pack enough water for them if there won’t be a source of water they can safely use. Don’t let them drink saltwater or from standing water! The same goes for food, make sure they have enough. Collapsible bowls are super handy.
  3. Keep your dog leashed. While it’s nice not to have your dog tug on a leash while hiking (unless you’ve trained them not to), there are a few obvious reasons to have your dog on the leash. For starters, not everyone is as in love with dogs as we are and they could actually be terrified. If you have your dog leash-less, it could make other hikers very uncomfortable. Secondly, they could become targets for or infuriate wildlife (i.e., bears).
  4. Protect the paws. Not just from the snow, but from the hot ground as well. Use a pair of “cool” dog booties for the summer when the dirt or cinder that we’re walking on is too hot for the dogs’ paws. In the winter use Musher’s Secret, a wax product that you can put directly on your dog’s paws to protect their fur from balling up in the snow. A lot of booties fall off (because they love hopping through the fresh powder) so the wax is a great alternative for the winter.
  5. Bring a tent with lots of space. Get a tent with double entries and vestibules. If you have a smaller tent, you can put your packs and gear under one vestibule, and a little sleeping pad for your dog to sleep in the other one if prefer to keep your dog in your tent on cold nights, but in the summer the vestibule lets you enjoy more room.
  6. Don’t let rainy days dampen outdoor plans. A tent can be used to provide a cozy and dry place to hang out outdoors with your pets. Another huge plus of venturing outside in the rain is that chances are, no one else takes advantage of the day.
  7. Pack a brush/comb.
  8. Pack toys. Bring your dog’s favorite toy with you. It will help ease any anxieties he may have and help him feel more comfortable in his “home away from home.”

We know that you and your furry friend will both love the dog friendly camping campgrounds and we can’t wait to have both of you attend. To book your spot now contact us or for more information please visit our F.A.Q page to see if you have any questions we can answer for you. For more information, visit our social media.


Our Happy Customers

We have came here for a long time and place is wonderful. You will never meet better people anywhere other than this place.they go above and beyond to make your stay great.thank you all so much will be back soon.

— Ashley Wilson

The staff was pleasant and friendly. We stayed in a cabin and it was clean and neat. We caught a few fish in the pond. It was quiet and peaceful at night! There is a nice creek for kids to play in. It was close to all the sites in the area.

— Crystal Miller

What a gorgeous peaceful place to visit ! We spent the day at the campground with the best experience possible ! Kids played and swam in the creek, did bbq and enjoyed our Memorial Day! If you ever need a beautiful place outdoors this is the place!

— Alla Boreyko

Love this camp. Staff is helpful and friendly, and .ost of the sites are in the shade for a good portion of the day due to the surrounding hills.

— KY Crager

Camped out there for our wedding in Red River Gorge. Very laid back campground. We had a great time there. Close to Miguel's and walking distance to the reptile museum. Can't wait to go back.

— Jeremy Edison

I would suggest this Campground to everyone planning a visit there, it's right off exit 33 and easy to reach. The Campground is clean with well maintained bathrooms. Very friendly and helpful staff. We had an amazing two days there. It's close to the gas station and subway and just a few minutes from all the trails.

— Shweta Sonny Verleker

This place is awesome! Alan and his family we very hospitable and friendly! I have been coming here for almost 10 years and will keep coming back to relax and have a great time! I highly recommend this place! Tons of hiking near by or you can take a nice scenic drive!

— Robert Workman

Stay there last night with our family, we were greeted warmly. Delivered firewood to our campsite. Between the hospitality and location of the camp ground we had one of the best camping experiences at a campground!

— Savannah Appel