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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have bathrooms and shower facilities?
We do! Everyone who stays with us has access to our bathhouse facilities which are maintained daily. The current bathhouse is a bit older, and we are in the process of building brand new bathhouse facilities!
Are your sites graveled?
Most of them are graveled. Sites 32-41 and site 45 do not have gravel.
Do you have WiFi?
Yes. The entire campground has high-speed wireless internet access. You will receive the WiFi password in your confirmation email.
Can you have a fire at all campsites and cabins?
Yes, but in our efforts to prevent the introduction of invasive species, we ask that you do not bring in your own firewood. Firewood is for sale at the office.
Are you open all year?
We are, but the warmer months are our busy season, and we book up quickly. Be sure to make your reservation well in advance to secure your ideal campsite.
Do you have a camp store?
Not yet, but we do have one coming soon! In the meantime, firewood is for sale at the office. If you forget to bring an item for your RV such as a hose or plug adapter, we may have some to lend while you’re here.
Do you sell firewood?
Yes, and we ask that you not bring your own firewood. We are trying to curtail the introduction of invasive species into our delicate ecosystem, so we ask that you only use the firewood we supply at the office.
Can I bring my own firewood?
No. We try to maintain our delicate ecosystem by stopping the introduction of invasive species. Therefore, we ask that you don’t bring your own firewood, and instead use the firewood available for purchase at our office.
Are there fish in the pond?
Yes. We keep our pond stocked with catfish and bluegill!
Do we need a KY fishing license to fish in your pond?
Nope! Our stocked fishing pond is available to anyone staying with us.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! For guests of the campground, we offer discounts for senior citizens, military, and certain groups. Our guests also can enjoy discounts for other Red River Gorge activities such as the RRG Ziplines. Please call us before making your reservation to see what’s available.
Are there weight limits for vehicles accessing the campground?
Yes, near the entrance to the campground there is a bridge with an 11 ton weight limit.